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Welcome To My Page Welcome! egaP yM oT emocleW

   This section of the web site is dedicated to my ramblings on what I like and dislike etc...  During the course of development, a few sub-pages will be created from here. ( Thus the title "Chapter" )  I will have a page dedicated to the various hobbies I am interested in, and another with all the different links that (I think) make up my personality.
   My overall purpose is to grow with the new technology that has been thrust upon us all. For years I have been active as a Bulletin Board SysOp. I eventually created an organization called "The United Regional SysOp's Association", or URSA. We started as a group of six System Operators of Monmouth County BBSs, it quickly grew to a weekly following of thirty plus. The plans has always been to spread the knowledge we have amassed. Now we are all Administrators, and each one of us can attribute some portion of their success to the group.

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