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Ham Radio I am a Technician Plus license holder from the FCC (USA). Callsign: N2PJT
My Father and Brother are also licensed.
My Father has been involved in electronics and Radio as a hobby since before I was born.

Programming I programm in: COBOL, BASIC, PICK (PROC, BASIC), C, and HTML

Computer design I have built most of the computers I run in my basement (Web Camera Pages) .
I have designed systems to be used in business and home enviroments.

Networking I have extensive experience in Lantastic, Novell, and Windows NT.
I have experience in UNIX (SCO, Linux)

WAN I have experience in Frame Relay, T1, E1, and Fractional T using ESF and AMI coding.
I have a fiber and copper background in a Cisco enviroment.


Poems, Short stories, and some rather long ones still unfinished.

Time, a metaphor not a word
Reason, a cause to find time
Space, go away and give me mine
It's Relative, haven't you heard?
Dimensions, hiding all that exists
And Travel brings us back in Time



Sand Castles





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