My Music Taste

(Or Lack Thereof)

   I have a wide taste in music. I don't think that I can pick just one favourite type or Artist, maybe one day I'll try. Here you will find listed different bands that I listen to. I have included various pictures of the artists and albums where applicible. Click on the graphic to hear a sample of the type of music they perform. I have tried to pick songs that show the true overall sound type of each group or artist. If the artist varies in style, I have included multiple pictures to click on.

Alice In Chains
Johan Sabastian Bach
The Beatles                    The Beatles
Ludvig Von Beethoven
BLondie                       Debbie Harry
Garbage           Garbage
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Pearl Jam
Wright, Gilmour, Mason, WatersPink FloydDark Side of the Moon
The Ramones
Smashing Pumpkins

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