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Poetry, Stories and Things best left unsaid

   Throughout my life I always wanted to write, whether it was music, stories or draw a comic. I never felt that I had enough talent to accomplish any of these. It appears that after having a car prove that my body cannot stop heavy moving objects, and then having my famliy break apart, I have found the courage to try.
   As if the experience of being struck by a vehicle and then not having a very good memory for six months after wasn't enough to allow me to re-think what I was doing in life, and what I felt that I should be doing, My (now ex) wife decided that she should move on. Between these two events I should have had a complete breakdown.
   One day in the midst of the deep depression I was feeling I wrote down a small, but very meaningful poem. It came out of my head with no effort at all. This amazed me. I have since written about 300 poems and songs.
   I had previously tried to start writing a book. The idea for the plot came to me after realizing the true meaning of the lyrics to a song that I listen to alot. I started a few different scenarios, only writing a paragraph or two on each, this was in 1989. Nothing had come of it until after I started writing poems.

   Here are a few of my poems. All documents are copyrighted 1998, by myself and should not be re-posted or duplicated without my permision.

I-80 The title references an Interstate Highway that starts at New York and extends to California (East to West coasts). Written when I was ready to give up on all that my life was. No companionship and no purpose left, I felt it may have been time to get in the car and drive until I hit an ocean.

Farther and Farther Into Life This was written for a woman who I fell in love with, but aparently did not feel the same for me. I gave this to her on her birthday as part of a mountain of gifts. I felt that I was reaching an end and this poem outlines some of my doubts.

The Return of the Raven Written in the style of Edgar Allen Poe. This was not meant to be, but ended up, a sequel to the "Raven".

The Second Word This is an interesting poem written for my soul mate (wherever she is). It contains a slightly obvious secret message.

I Wanna Go Home A song I wrote and submitted to a lyrics contest. The chorus was written originally as a final verse to Pearl Jam's "Black" (off of the album "Ten").

Horses, Heads, and the Children That Are Me A good bye to someone I thought cared for me. (stupid, I know). Inspired by Live's Throwing Copper.

All Of Everything This poem won an Editor's Choice award and is responsible for my Poet of Merit award as well. Written for yet again someone who I thought cared deeply for me, as well as I for her. She abandoned me. (long story.)

   I have made available the prologue for my current book. Although the prologue starts the story in Egypt, the various plots quickly bring the story to the United States, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Please Email me with comments as I am always interested in new opinions.

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