The Second Word

For My Soul Mate (She knows who she is)

   Written on 03/30/1998, the name of this poem is literal, there is a kind of secret message written into the poem. I wrote it with someone in mind, feelings for which I have that are above those that only last a lifetime.

When I look at your face I see it there
I listen to your voice on the telephone
Listen so much I forget to speak
So that I make you think I have nothing to say
That I seem to push you away
I never want to affect you that way
Never loose my way
Loose my sight of the day
My friendship with you is more than we can say
Friendship I would say should not be sacrificed in any way
I never could end it that way
Never want to see that dying day
Want my heart to crumble and crack
My love for you in my dreams can become real
Love for me and me for you
For you can only imagine my love to extremes
You to be what you need from me
To end this friendship we would both loose and never see
End, I think is only a word that means to begin again
I only need to hear you say that you'll stay
Only know I want to see you happy, to see you shine
Know that my love for you makes me feel that way
That brings me to the beginning again . . .

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