Horses, Heads, and the Children That Are Me

A Goodbye

   Written on 12/04/1998, in London. This is to be the last poem I wrote to the woman I loved but didn't care what I felt. I have not heard from her since. (three years wasted) The title comes from another situation. Live's "Throwing Copper" has a hidden track tacked onto the final track titled "White, Discussion". The song is about how he has lost control of his life and doesn't care. The song references Children running free on the beach, and she is driving horses through his head.

I don't care so I just stare
Away from the light and into the dark night air
Believe me now believe me now
Stars and trees and thoughts come to me
A way there must be
For there is only I
I shall remain even after you fly
I shall keep and protect you
Alone I will ensure your safety
And still I stare as if I didn't really care
This you know to be false
I will always be here of course

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