Going farther and farther into life

Evidence of doubt

   This was written to be spoken fast apart from the last two lines. I used a format that Roger Waters had used in a version of Emtpy Spaces (The Wall (the film)).
   This was for a woman that I loved, written on 12/07/1997 (her birthday). but was not sure of her intentions towards me. Note the refernces to a dime, this is a recurring theme with poems that which I have written about her. I've not used it since or before.

Big time
Find a dime
Long ride
Cursed bride
Many lines
I'm always late

Find the time
Bury that dime
Go to bed
I'll wake up dead
Vases of wine
Brass bed
Never left
What's been said

All this time behind the lines
Maybe we'll see what is real
No more time, get out of line
Seem to not mind this love of mine
But its a . . .

Even though it's warm now
Shake and brake
Far away
The water's warmer if you meditate
Go away
Please stay
Look at me as I look away
Coming for you
I left too late
Then I say
Please don't play
I just might . . .

I went to speak
Then my back gave way.

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