The Raven's Return

A Sequel to "The Raven" By Edgar Allen Poe

   Written on 12/08/1997 For no known reason, I started writing in this dark gothic manner. I didn't realize that I was writing about Lenore until the first instance of "Evermore"

Fields of grain spread before my eyes
A bird startles me and flies by
"A raven, here?" Loudly, I cry.
It must've been dirt in my eye!
Dirt here is plentiful it seems
Here in this field of lost dreams
Lost souls, is more what I mean
And still that damn raven screams

I look to try a glance at the sky
And yet again, I see his evil eye
Startled, a thought passes my mind
will this be how I die?!
wait I shall, After a while longer maybe I can peter by
Then the raven winks its horrid little eye

On and on the torture continued forth
This bird stood, stared and waited for something more
I knew not what, but surely this shall stop!
All I want, is out of here!
The raven flew circles around me now
Seeming to want to land on this very ground

Finally, lastly, I sat and I cried
Why! Why! Must you make me to die!
The bird, it came down and landed by my side
It spoke to me this scary thought:
"I won't lie I am hungry and you might die, wait I might for your plight"
What can this be?
But this bird DOES have it in for me!
What other horrors can it say?
I shall befriend it? What can I say?
Lest I die, I must try!
I utter this word and nothing more
I utter my name... "Lenore"
And thus, the Raven spoke "Nevermore"

Torture me not, yon bird of lore
I must find my way back , back to my love
Why do you torture me so?
The raven spoke "Nevermore"
Guy told me not to be
And yet I stand before thee as proud and vain as I ever will be
Your cold stare and deathly aire shall not break my spirit so!
Crawl away from your leer of hate, weak and weary
This I want and nothing more, yon bird of lore
"Bird!" I say, "lead me on and show me the way, this can't be the end for such as me!
I will return to my love and live on with him near the shore."
Quoth the raven "Nevermore"

Haunt me no more!
Your words burn into my mind such as none other have across time
I have been as I must be, my station in life demands this of me and mine!
Torture me not for what I cannot control
or is it only because my name is Lenore!?
The bird then said "Nevermore"

Travel away from here I know I must, looking at this bird on a tree
I then notice how carefully it looks at me
Up and down o'er and round
Chills this bird gives to me

I start to walk in the direction I was before
Looking behind me in a cold sweated fog
The bird remained on the branch on that tree
Continuing only to stare at me.

Riddance to it I loudly proclaim
I shall continue to go on
Without any shame
Meekly in the distance I did still hear the bird speak
"Lenore" it said, "listen to me".

Shutting my ears to the world I now must
Sanity it seems I've not kept very much
Twisting to see the bird now in flight
Following me it seems to scream in delight

The start was not fearful
I tripped, slipped only a slight
Bother not to look down could I
My mind is only on one thing as I fly
The bird has landed and is laughing at me
Now I become violently aware of my plight
And the bird rose back in flight
I now fall and roll never to stop
A great crevice or hole that I have found
Fate has an end for me this I now know
The end now approaches as darkness falls
"This is the end of me, yon surly bird!"
"Keep thine cat calls and remember what you've heard!"
"Ruin mine life and destroy my peace!"
"Now you shall have to remember of me!"
Above me in the distance at last I hear
The raven calls to me as he soars

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